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Join the Underworld Knights - This is our general recruitment video it is not specific to any particular game

UK Oceanic Gaming Guild -  This is a montage at the first 17yrs of our gaming history. It covers 12 of the games we've played together

Join the Underworld Knights in Star Citizen - A tailored short vid showing our involvement so far in the game and how we are looking to play


Counter Stike

U2damofoK - Our first release, and is based on Counter Strike.


Age of Conan

AoC Keep - The building of our first keep in Age of Conan was a grand occation, this is only a short vid but done well.

AoC City Project - This details the completion of the 1st Teir of city constrution in Age of Conan.


Guild Wars 2

[UK] Shuffle - What do you do when when our server has 100% of the WvW maps? Some of us can't help but break into dance

Vizier's Tower in GW2 - Wondering how to do this jumping puzzle? Then check out this vid.

The Claws of Jormag - One of our guild events was shot on film. Our triumph over this Dragon in the northern mountains.

[UK] Travels Through Tyria - Enjoy an inspiring vid that details a range of our accomplishments in Guild Wars 2.

Legendary - An ode to the 7 legendary weapons our guild has made in the first 12 months of GW2. The legendaries shown are Bolt, Quip, Sunrise, the Juggernaut, Kudzu, the Predator & the Dreamer.

Dragon Bash Moa  Racing - Moa Racing was a great gambling options intrdouced during the Dragon Bash event, it's better than betting on the dogs so check out the action.

Spider Scurry Guild Rush - This quick tutorial on completing the spider scurry guild rush mission will ensure that you are no longer plauged by death and can find out a few tips and tricks on how to get through it.

Devourer Burrow Guild Rush - Another tutorial vid showing you how to navigate this gauntlet as rock falls, spiders and spike traps all try to take you down.

Bear Lope Guild Rush - Wondering what it's like to be a cute baby bear running a gauntlet filled with vicious creatures that mercilessly attack you while hidden spike traps shoot up from the ground to hinder your movement? Then loook no further as this vid will show you how to survive said gauntlet like a boss.


Star Citizen

Hangar Module - This is a look at the pre-alpha hangar and the first two ships in the [UK] Navy. It gives a great indicattion as to the depth of detail that will be in this finished product. The two ships are the Constellation and the 325A.

Letter to the UEE - This is a personal letter to the Imperator of the UEE detailing a concept of covering Operation Pitchfork as a journalist.

Operation Pitchfork Special Report, 'A Forker's Tale' - This is the first of the UK's journalist video's covering Operation Pitchfork. This report goes into the life of a typical 'Forker' by the name of William Stowie. It highlights the attitudes and spirit of the people who are making up this great event.

Operation Pitchfork Special Report, 'Redemption at Hand' - One of the Ajax News Networks investigative reporters comes across a new gunship design that will prove invaluable to Pitchfork's cause. Discovery however leads to tragedy.

Arena Commander Quick Guild Demo - This is just a quick vid to demonstrate what Co-Op Vanduul Swarm is like, it's a good showcase of what dogfighting in the game is going to look like.


UK Private Collection

Legacy Director's Cut - This was our second CS vid it's not complete so there are a several blank spots with regards to footage just keep watching through it and enjoy.

WvWvW 3 Way Battle - This is an unfinished work from GW2 it's missing some editing and finishing but there in essence, it features a massive 3 way battle for Stonemist Castle, it's done in a American sports comentary style.


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